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Create a software company that is able to consistently achieve Capability Maturity Model Level five. Would anyone like to collaborate? I have a plan that goes beyond the linked paper below.

Implementing the Capability Maturity Model for Software Development

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The Cyber IP's Programming Bug Resolutions Log

What Every Programmer Should Know About SEO

You Gotta Start Somewhere

Computer Basics for Brand New Users
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Easy as 1, 2, 3

  1. Best Brand New Computer User Tutorial Ever!
    • If you have never used a computer, this is the tutorial you want, the tutorial you need, the tutorial you will appreciate! Good luck on your new journey! Have fun.
    • If you are instructing someone who has never used a computer on how to use a computer, this is where you want to start! It's a great resource. It can make your life easier!
    • The highest accolades go to the TLN Technology Committee for their hard work in creating and maintaining probably the best brand-new computer user tutorial ever! The New User Tutorial. Thanks!
  2. Another take on the above tutorial with lots of mouse exercises
  3. WebWise a beginner's guide to using the internet

Computer Science 101

NOTE: php filemtime function is superior over javascript's document.lastModified function for determining when a a file was last modified, because some servers will incorrectly return the javascript value. Some browsers will simply show the current date and time while others will show nothing or worse.
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  1. Test Your Password with the Password Meter
  2. The Top 50 BAD Passwords
  3. How to create an easy to remember STRONG password
  4. How Apple and Google will kill the password
  5. The Usability of Passwords
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The Latest: How to Determine How Much Mac Storage Space You Have

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php programming bug database

NOTE: a programming bug may have more than one cause. A search for a cause of my debut bug featured here turned up several reasons, but not my reason. A bug database is a useful thing for a programmer to maintain. Inevitably the bug will eventually occur again and the reason may have been forgotten needing to be searched out again unless a cause and resolution database is maintained. This is where I will maintain my bug database for both your and my benefit as I encounter those notable enough to document.

  1. fclose(): supplied argument is not a valid stream resource
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